Bill Kaulitz Tattoos & Piercings

Bill_Kaulitz_911Bill Kaulitz (as we all know) LOVES tattoos and piercings, he has four tattoos and two piercings which successfully grab a lot of people’s attention.

Each of his tattoos have a valuable meaning and were put there for a reason.

Unlike his brother Tom, Bill is always seeming to want more. Tom doesn’t agree with tattoos and therefore has not a single mark on his body. He does, although, have a few piercings which are just as attractive.

Bill’s first tattoo is a symbol of his band, Tokio hotel, located on the back of his neck.

His first tattoo was made when he was 15 and although he got his mom’s permission to do it, she was still angry with him that he actually decided to go through with it.bill-kaulitz-tattoos-116443

Another one of Bill’s tattoos is located on the inner of his left arm which says “freiheit 89” meaning “freedom 89”, this tattoo means that when Bill turns 18 he will get the freedom he’s always wanted. In Germany, when you turn 18 you get to drink, drive, smoke and do whatever you want. Bill has been looking forward to his 18th birthday ever since he was a little kid.


This confuses me though because I have seen him and his brother not only drinking (in videos) but literally getting drunk when they were only 14 and 16. Clearly he got his freedom a little earlier than expected.

star Bill has a star shaped tattoo on his lower right hip.

Now what does this tattoo mean? Well, obviously it’s a symbol of living the life of a star and that’s exactly what he is.

Which leaves us to his latest tattoo, at the beginning, people were denying he even had one and on MTV’s interview with Tokio Hotel Bill said “you can’t see it, because I think I have to be naked”

Well, at least that got us somewhere, it was confirmed that Bill Kaulitz got a new tattoo and when he was asked what it was he said that it was just German words.


It is confirmed that this is Bill’s new tattoo and what it says is “wir horen nie auf zu schreien” the one going vertically down his rib cage which means “we’ll never stop screaming” when translated to english.

and the other that is winding down says “wir kehren zum ursprung zuruck”. In english translation that means “we’re going back to the origin”.

As for his piercings, well he doesn’t have as many as he does tattoos but they’re still as good.

One of them is in the center of his tongue which was put at a young age and the other is on his right eyebrow giving an attractive “jewel” for his face.

315716_FNV4JALPYIC7FJJ11QTQDSVWV5F3GD_tokio_hotel_4_H193530_Lmtv ema arrivals 071108


3 responses

11 08 2009

Ich liebe dich bill!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 08 2009

ja ja.

11 08 2009

wow! I always thought that tattoo was just a rumor! i love it! i wanna get one.

xoxo :))

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